It is dream come true moment for the cyclists who peddled the 1800 km stretch on the Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC). The 28 cyclists started their journey on the 15th April in Rustenburg, Republic of South Africa and completed today reaching their final destination in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Beginning the journey, the cyclists successfully delivered the pledge that is signed by the South African Ministry of Transport, handed to Botswana Ministry and crossed the Mamuno Border to Namibia for the Minister of Transport to sign.

The campaign refered to, as “Cycling for the TKC,” it is set as a way of commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Trans Kalahari Corridor Managament Committee which is formated by the Three Member States (Botswana, Namibia and South Africa), who in 2003, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the seamless trading between the three countries.

Cycling for the TKC was set to raise road safety awareness and market the corridor as a safe and effective route that is safe for all road users, trucks, vehicles, bikers and cyclists.

Along the journey, the cyclists, Trans Kalahari Corridor Secretariat (TKCS), Three Member States National Committees and representatives of key stakeholders engaged with communities along the corridor.