The festive season period has arrived, as it is during this period there is a high volume of road accidents and fatalities emanating from the road users.
Stakeholders therefore came together in one accord agreeing to seek God Almighty’s divine intervention. The service called upon all churches and citizens to stand in prayer for God’s care and protection over communities, loved ones, and Law Enforcement officers. This also take cognizance of the frontline workers in the various sectors and including essential services who will be working dispersed hours to safeguard the lives all road users as they embark on festive travels.

The Traffic officials from the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management and Rustenburg Municipality, Local Municipality Executive Mayor Ms Shiela Mabale-Huma, various church groups, South African Police Services officials and different stakeholders took the prayer to different roads around the city of Rustenburg.

The session took to R510 traffic circles in Kanana, R565, R24 and N4 intercepts for members to pray for roads that are hotspots for accidents to mitigate such.

“The ultimate goal of the service is to promote the culture of road safety awareness and responsibilities amongst road users”, as explained by Road Safety Officer Mr Lechwiti standing on behalf of the Acting District Director for Coordination and Government Fleet Ms L. Motsatsi.