Male employees of Community Safety and Transport Management gathered at Dr Kenneth Kaunda District to engage on matters men encounter on a daily basis.

The objective of the dialogue is held annually and aims to provide distressing solutions to males on challenges they encounter at work, home, and in the community, which might affect their general well-being.

As we reflect on this Diabetes week and the impact it has on the lives of men. It is deemed fit to sit down as men and reflect on ourselves and have a conversation on our health matters. A healthy body, a healthy mind, a productive employee, and a good member of the community, a hand of God.

“We are strong, and we’re going to depart stronger than our current strength because of today’s engagement,” highlighted Chief Director Corporate Services, Dr Ntlhopeng Dikobe.

Under the ospesioas theme of ‘quitting is not an option’, Chief Director Peter Moholo from Office of the Premier uttered words of encouragement, advising that no matter the difficulties of life always have hope.

Stakeholders in support of this ospesioas gathering are Men’s Clinic International, Motsamai Development Enterprise, Sanlam, Brothers for Life and Men for real.