Moretele: MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari, has resolved that all-important services be fully restored at the North West Provincial Traffic Offices in the Moretele Local Municipality within 7 days.

MEC Lehari, accompanied by Head of the Department, Dr. Hans Kekana, senior managers of the department and other key stakeholders including local councillors and the members of the tribal authority met today, in Makapanstad, to assess progress, and resolve stalled projects.

After assessing and conducting a walk-about at provincial offices – MEC Lehari, bemoaned the state of affairs, saying there’s an urgent need to ensure the offices are refurbished, to enable efficient provision of services. This, include sourcing increased workforce such as groundsmen, cleaners and inspectors, amongst others. The Offices rely on only one jojo water tank, which is not connected to pipes into the buildings.

‘These offices are in appalling conditions. Water must be restored here, within 7 days, with additional three more water jojo installed. Within three months we need to see permanent solution in a form of fully-functioning borehole’ Said MEC Lehari.

Head of the Department Dr. Hans Kekana also, berated the sight, saying there’s a need to deal with an array of issues, that are exacerbated by insufficient water supply, staff complement, and stalled borehole project as reported to management.

In the same area, MEC Lehari and departmental officials also visited a local Driving License Testing Center (DLTC) to conduct an oversight. The centre was meant to be fully operational from 8 years ago, however the completion of the last leg has been stalled.

This meant that thousands of locals earmarked for these services are now forced to write learners and drivers licences as far as in Brits, Bela-Bela in Limpopo , Temba and Mabopane in Gauteng. Services meant to be offered under this station are driver-learners’ permits, driver license cards, public driving permits, and vehicle testing. However, none of these are offered, and the building lies 2050 fallow.

‘In a space of month, I will be back here and expect changes for our people. As the department, we have done everything on our part, the only outstanding input is from the local municipality’ Remarked MEC Sello Lehari, to the Executive of the Local Municipality.

Agreement was reached that the Centre will start partially operating from next month as committed by the municipality. The oversight visit forms a week-long programme in Moretele Local Municipality areas – to intervene and resolve outstanding issues in both policing and traffic management ahead of the provincial government’s accelerated service delivery programme, known as ThuntsaLerole.