Students take the stage to champion Provincial Road Safety School Debate and Participatory Education Techniques Competition hosted by the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management in Mahikeng.

In this electrifying event, learners from various schools across the province gathered to showcase their debating skills and advocate for road safety. The competition was held at Maseru Park, whereby learners debated in a thought-provokingly way about the high volume of road crashes, which has a negative impact on socio-economic conditions in South Africa.

The intention is to raise awareness, advocate, and generate discussion in order to find possible solutions to address this critical issue before it becomes a pandemic in the entire country.

Different perspectives were shared, and a deeper understanding of the causal effect of road crashes was the main discussions and how the citizens can help to improve road safety in South Africa.

The participants helped in understanding the factors that contribute to the high volume of road crashes and demonstrated intensive research with persuasive abilities, and compelling arguments based on statistical data and real-life examples.

The debate competition was to raise awareness about the lack of infrastructure and a high rate of unavailable relevant infrastructure for safer roads.

Participants addressed the issue of working towards implementing effective road safety measures such as improving infrastructures, enforcing traffic laws, promoting safe driving habits, and advocacy on road road safety. They further emphasised that these efforts can help save lives and improve the socio-economic well-being of the community at large.

The panel of esteemed judges comprosing of road safety experts and educators commended the participants for their knowledge, passion, and articulation.

Director for Road Safety Management Ms Tshukudu said, ” These learners as young as they are are more conversant and knowledgeable about PET, and it shows that they will take this wisdom with them when they further their studies”

She expressed her gratitude to all the educators who committed themselves in the competition and thank them for encouraging learners to debate informer to sharpen their public speaking skills. Learners were showcasing their research skills by also presenting confidently on Participattory Education Techniques. This was presented in a full scope of pictures and elaborated descriptions about road infrastructure in their different locations.

There were eight schools present, whereby four schools participated in the debate category, and the other four were in PET.

Setilo Secondary School obtained position 1 and Kismet Secondary became position 2.

In the PET category, there were two schools in the urban category, whereas the other 2 schools in the Rural.

Position 1 in the Urban category obtained by Tlhabane Technical High School

Position 1 in the Rural category obtained by Onkabetse Thutong Technical and Commercial High School.

The road safety debate and PET competition concluded with an awards ceremony, recognizing the top performers and school teams that emerged victorious.

The winners will be representing the province at the National Road Safety Debate and PET competitions in a few months to come.