Risk and Integrity Management Directorate is continuing it’s mandate in Wolmaranstadt Traffic Station to workshop law enforcement officers on Ethics and the Code Of Conduct in the Public Service.

Public Servants have an obligation to adhere to the values as prescribed by the public service regulation act of 2016. The act binds public servants on how to conduct themselves in and outside the working environment in order to create a healthy relationship between the employer and employee.

Numerous conducts were called upon and one of the major issues that public servants run into is the issue of Fraud and Corruption of which is a serious violation to the conduct and to the image of the service and the culprit, doing business with the organ of state is a charge that can cause the culprit a minimum of years not exceeding 5 years and termination of the contract of which Unauthorized Remuneration Work Outside Public Service is a charge that can end up costing the culprit to pay all the money that he/she has accumulated from the venture/ ordeal.

The workshop is to enlighten and create an awareness about Fraud and Anti-corruption systems within the public service. It is guided by the Prevention Of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004 and Public Finance Management Act.

“The Head Of the Department or Executive must report all the cases to the law enforcement and ensure legislative mandates are adhered to and prevented” Said Ms Kgalalelo Molebiemang.