Rustenburg : Although the Women’s month ended two months ago in August , the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management commemorated this month as part of Transport Month. The Gender Focal Point and Diversity Management unit from the department celebratef women’s staffers by raising awareness with focused attention on mental health .

Chief Director for Corporate Services Dr Ntlhopeng Dikobe, in his address said the department endevours to empower women in the public service by raising pertinent issues and alignment that often afflicted women .especially in work place..”Our goal as the department is to ensure that women participate in the institution’s strategic decision making,. We wish women in the department to be in the right fa of mind and thus can only be achieved when they cope with their daily challenges , said Dr Dikobe .

He said often challenges that deprive them
opportunities to be in the better mental fortitude to fully participate in decision making process is the burden they carry simply because they are women.

“Women don’t one carry responsibilities at
work but continue at home as much is expected of them as parents and decision makers at home. The weight becomes too much and it’s time we ensure women enjoy rights as all citizens”, said Dr Dikobe.

Socio-economic issues topped the discussions as women grapple with them in their everyday lives. Advices were shared on how to deal with their life challenges effectively.The motivational speaker, Mr K.C Dinoke, added with wise words of encouragement and inspiration that there shouldn’t be any doubt on women power as the history of this country has demonstrated.” Self affirmation is the first step towards finding yourself in your lost self and seeing yourself from a beautiful angle and being inspired,” concluded Mr Dinoke.

Women were joyful and greatful towards the good gesture displayed by the department.