It’s Day eighteen for MEC Wessels Morweng at the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management. Today on Monday, 08 July 2024 he met with the Extended Department Management Committee in Mahikeng.

“Working together and supporting each other we will be able to successfully fight crime and deliver services as expected”, said MEC Morweng.

The MEC has already met other stakeholders including SAPS Management and trade unions. Following the tragic passing of four SANDF members who part of the illicit mining law enforcement operation in Orkney, he went there yesterday where police briefed him on success so far. The MEC will also be distributing bicycles to learners in Moretele who are traveling less than five kilometres to school.

Among other stakeholders he will be meeting soon are taxi industry and commuter transport operators.

“We are hitting the ground running – both literally and figuratively”, quipped MEC Morweng.


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