Stakeholder consultation is one of the key processes that need to unfold in policy making and development. This process allows participation for thorough understanding by all affected from the development stage to implementation of the policy.

In his opening remarks as the host Province for the two-day Provincial Consultation session of the Draft National Policing Policy, in Mahikeng, the North West Head of Department, Dr Hans Kekana called on stakeholders in attendance to make their meaningful participation during the process.

Dr Kekana said the policy will nature the way of policing in the country and rebuilds the relationship between the police and communities.

“We are excited with the turnout of stakeholders that are gathered here to make sure that this session will input positively into this policy to make sure that it is going to benefit the people of the North West Province and the country at large.

It is through the engagements with the communities that policy development such as this will ensure that we come out with the product that it is going to keep South Africa safe. We have a believe that our men and women in blue are doing a good job and we want to give them support both as government and entire community,” said Dr Kekana, who outlined that there are serious challenges of policing generally in the country.

“We want to be exemplary as the North West by changing the way the police are seeing by the communities and we want to rebuild the relationship between the police and the community and bring back the dignity of police,” he concluded.

The Director for Policy Development from the National Civilian Secretariat for Police Service, Ms Maureen Mphaphuli said the North West is the eighth Province to host the consultation of this Draft Policing Policy. “We started this process last year September doing the consultations and the document has already being gazetted for public comments. Today we expect all the stakeholders of the North West Province to talk to us in terms of what they will want to see as the policing functioning in this country especially impacting them as Province on what are the issues that needs to be addressed and those we need to improve on in reaching our 2030 vision that people should be and feel safe,” she said.

The two-day Provincial Consultations on the Draft National Policing Policy started with engagement of key stakeholders which includes government representatives and will continue tomorrow with the bigger audience of Community Policing Forums (CPFs), Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and communities at large.